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Hours of Operation:

  • 10am – 12 noon & 5pm – 6pm, Monday to Saturday
  • 5pm – 6pm, Sunday


Viewing Hours:

  • 11am – 12 noon, Monday – Saturday

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions in advance of your pet’s stay. 

Booking Enquiry

To avoid disappointment, please make a booking enquiry as far in advance as you can.

You can use our booking enquiry form here, and a message will be sent directly to our email. We will then contact you via email to confirm your booking.

If you prefer to call or require any further information, we are available on 01244 300203 between:

  • 10am – 12noon & 5pm – 6pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • 5pm – 6pm (Sunday) 

We aim to get back to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Please read our terms and conditions in advance of your pet’s stay.

Risk Assessment

Car Park Reception and Kennel Viewing

Care should be taken to enter the car park area at a moderate speed as other customers may be unloading pets from their cars, dogs in particular may be excitable and difficult to control at this time. During winter months afternoon collections and departures need extra vigilance in this area as it could be after dark.

If there are a number of cars already in the car park when you arrive we suggest you leave your pet in your car and make your way to reception to complete admission details first, a member of staff will then instruct you when we are ready for your pet and will help should you need it.

Dogs should be kept on leads to avoid accidents with other cars or disruptions with other pets, leads at this time should always be short to prevent dogs and people becoming entangled, tripping or rope burns to unprotected skin. If you have no lead with you please ask for one at reception before unloading your pet.

Cats must always be moved from cars to cattery using a safely fastened cat carrying basket, if your cat has traveled loose in your car please ask for a basket before unloading.

Children, for their own safety, must not be allowed to – run around in the car park or on the lane outside, enter the cattery or kennel area unsupervised, put their fingers or hands into the cat/dog pens, climb on fences, cages or trees around the reception area. Noisy play is also to be avoided as this disturbs and excites animals which may not be used to being around children.

Children should not be allowed to hold their dog’s lead without help from an adult as they can be pulled over very easily by a strong excited dog.

If the car park and reception area is very busy we suggest children remain in your car as other people’s pets may not always be child friendly, particularly when they are feeling nervous at the prospect of leaving their owners.

When viewing the kennels customers should always be with a member of staff and should stay on the route taken by that person, care should be taken on walkways and paths which may be wet from recent cleaning or may have hose pipes across them if cleaning is still underway. In icy weather these areas may be slippery even after salting.

Children should be under strict control at this time with no running or shouting and definitely no opening of doors and gates.

It is not recommended to try to stroke or touch the pets already in kennels and children must be firmly prevented from putting their fingers or faces close to the wire fronts of the kennels as the dogs may be unpredictable with strangers and attempt to bite or scratch through the wire of their pen. 

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